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Drum Recording




As a professional session drummer this is what I have to offer:

The following are my abilities:

  • Playing and recording the drum part according to:

  1. Written sheet music (musical scores)

  2. Songs demo (already played drum part or programmed drum sample)

  3. Description of the part you desire (by words not scores)

  4. Creating the most suitable drum part according to the rest of music

  • Recording the drum line in 16 separated lines (raw) with 24 bit-96 kHz quality

  • Specializing in Blues, Rock, Pop, Ballad, Waltz and their related genres or sub-genres

  • Ability to tune the drum set melodically according to the scale and the tonality of the song or to your specifications via special drums tuner (Tune-bot drum tuner)

And the benefits of working with me are:

  • Personal studio is ready to go (no charge for the studio)

  • My drum set is always set up and is ready to go

  • Varied personal equipments such as complete set (both drums and cymbals, accessories, microphones, etc.)

  • Varied sound range due to variable touch, different tunings, large number of my instrumentís pieces (different drums with suitable sizes and more than 40 handmade Turkish cymbals with different characteristics and pitches)

  • Guaranteed work (no full payment before your full satisfaction with my work)


I look forward to having a long and warm cooperation

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